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Our patients at Sandy Animal Clinic are seen on an appointment basis during regular office hours. This allows us to efficiently examine your pet, allot specific times for procedures and to decrease the amount of time you may have to wait. In the unfortunate event of an emergency, all emergencies will take precedent over scheduled appointments. If you are unable to make your scheduled appointment please notify us at your earliest convenience. To make an appointment please call us at 503-668-4139.

New Clients are always welcome. If you wish to save time on your first visit please print and fill out our client information form.

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Sandy Animal Clinic is equipped to perform digital radiographs, urinalysis, EKG, Doppler Blood Pressure, cytology, pre-anesthetic testing and on site blood chemistries. We are also linked with an off site diagnostic testing facility to perform non-routine diagnostic blood tests, cytology, pathology and ultrasound.

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On Site Laboratory

Our on site laboratory allows us to perform many of our services in house. This provides our doctors with rapid results allowing early diagnosis and initiation of proper treatment. Our focus is keeping your pets healthy. For information on routine testing click here.


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Digital X-Ray

Our state of the art digital x-ray machine is powerful enough to take excellent quality images of even extremely large dogs with minimal exposure to radiation. Our digital x-ray system ensures clear, quality images in a timely manner. With in minutes we can have your pet’s radiographs taken, processed and ready for interpretation by our doctors.

 spay and neuterSurgery

We are equipped to handle all minor and most major soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries including routine spays and neuters, eye surgery, cesarean section, fracture repair and cruciate repair. To provide a safe environment for your pet we use isoflurane anesthesia, all pets are monitored with pulse oximetery, blood pressure, and recovered with a technician monitoring your pet’s vital signs. We strongly encourage additional postoperative pain medicine following a surgical procedure.

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Keeping your pet up to date on vaccines is one of the most effective ways to keep your pet healthy.  We are committed to following the most current vaccination protocols, ensuring your pet is getting the best prevention possible.  Vaccinations have proven efficacy at building your pet’s immunity and preventing him or her from suffering from a potentially fatal disease. Properly following a vaccination protocol not only keeps your pet  and family safe, but also protects other animals as well. Click Vaccines for more information on our vaccine protocols.


 Dental Care

Dental CareWe use modern ultrasonic scalars to clean each tooth thoroughly above and below the gum line, as you would have done at your dentist. Dental technicians polish teeth to create a smooth, lustrous tooth surface that is more resistant to plaque buildup and help strengthen enamel. Digital radiographs are taken of your pets mouth to help identify tooth root abnormalities that are not easily visible by a routine oral exam. In the event of periodontal disease we can apply a DOXIROBE Gel to help control the further progression of periodontal disease.


Isolation Care

parvo virusSandy Animal Clinic is equipped to handle animals that present with various contagious diseases. We have a separate isolation facility that is designed to prevent the spread of contagious diseases such as Parvo Virus and Upper Respiratory Viruses. The isolation ward is separate from any other room in the hospital and contains its own ventilation/evacuation system so that infected air is not re-circulated through the hospital. A disinfectant foot bath is used upon exiting the isolation ward to help prevent the spread of disease.

24PetWatch Microchip Service

microchip Until your pet learns to use the phone, the 24PetWatch Microchip will help him find his way home. Developed by a veterinarian, the 24PetWatch Microchip is a safe and permanent tiny injectable “chip” that contains a one-of-a-kind identification number that is recognized worldwide. A special scanner is then used to read the microchip through the skin of the animal. With a simple phone call, the registered chip can be traced to the animal’s owner to be reunited. Additional information is available at

sandy animal clinicKid’s Korner

Sandy Animal Clinic has a play area dedicated just for kids. This allows your children to be occupied during your pet’s visit. We have DVD’s, Video Games, Coloring Books and Toys of all kinds. Children love this area.




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Home Delivery

At Sandy Animal Clinic, it is our policy to take every possible step to ensure that our patients receive the safest pharmaceutical products available. Veterinarians are required to have a valid client/patient/veterinarian relationship in order to prescribe certain medications for patients. We carry a number of prescription products, veterinary prescription diets and products labeled by the manufacturer for “sale by licensed veterinarians only.”

We at Sandy Animal Clinic realize the growing interest in having pet medications and products delivered to your door; therefore we have established the ability to purchase your medications from us through our Home Delivery Service. This allows you the flexibility to shop 24 hrs a day and also ensures that the medications you are receiving are from a trusted source.  All products purchased through Sandy Animal Clinic Home Delivery Service have been inspected by the FDA and are backed by the manufacturer.

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Sandy Animal Clinic now offers Pet Apps – private, secure pet health apps, available by clicking the button to the right. The Sandy Animal Clinic App provides health information that’s tailored to the needs of your pet. Pet Apps make it easy for you to request an appointment or for a refill of your pet’s medications, or shop for foods (even if our practice is closed!). Our App provides instant access to pet health articles, emergency numbers, YouTube videos, Loyalty Rewards Programs, Scratch Off to Win and much more. Keep Sandy Animal Clinic in your pocket by downloading our App.


 Payment Options

We never want the cost of treatment to be a concern when you are making decisions regarding your pet’s health. We have found pet insurance to be a valuable tool to help make unexpected vet bills more affordable.

We have researched the various pet insurance carriers and believe Pets Best Insurance offers the best options for covering your pet’s health care needs. We have negotiated with Pets Best Insurance to offer you the best rates possible. If you decide to purchase their insurance and do so through our website, they will give you a 5% discount. Click on Pets Best Insurance icon for more information.

CareCredit is another form of payment that can become a valuable tool to help make unexpected vet bills more affordable.  CareCredit provides the financial means to cover your veterinary medical costs.  At, Sandy Animal Clinic we accept CareCredit and can assist you in the application process.  There is also a simple online application that can give you approval within minutes. One of the benefits of CareCredit is their 6-month interest free period to pay your balance. Click on CareCredit icon an application.