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January, 2012

How many puppies can you count?

 January 21st, 2012

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   The answer is 9 puppies.

What is Wrong with this Dog?

 January 21st, 2012

History: 7 year old lab with sudden onset of a painful abdomen and trying to vomit but nothing is coming up.


What is wrong with this dog
The Answer is:  The conditon is called GDV or Gastric Dilation with Volvulous.  Otherwise known as bloat.  It occurs when a deep chested dog eats food/water and shortly after becomes active.  The ingesta in it’s stomach sloshes around until the stomach flips over on itself, thus trapping gas in the stomach. This is a life threatening situation and is considered an emergency. 

Dental Disease Can Be Hidden

 January 19th, 2012



Why are dental X-Rays important?  What is wrong with these teeth that you can only see on a dental X-Ray



Answer:  All of these teeth look normal from the outside but infact each one has a tooth root abcess or dental pocket that needs attention.  This is why dental x-rays are so important.  The teeth are abcesses waiting to happen.